BBM foodtrucks

At the headquarters in Torbole Casaglia, 6 km from the Brescia Ovest exit on the A4 Milan-Venice motorway in the heart of the Brescia area, BBM is a young and modern company; in one place it creates the product that made it famous: the Food truck. About 50 employees work with us, contributing with their experience and professionalism to the creation of an innovative product.


The BBM brand began its activity in 1981 thanks to the determined initiative of the Bolpagni Family.
These are the years in which street vendors, see themselves forced by new health regulations, to reconvert their stalls into food trucks; BBM is enthusiastic about these vehicles and the challenge posed by this new market segment in which it strongly believes and on which it concentrates all its efforts. Thanks to the workers coming from companies already operating in this sector, our adventure begins in a small workshop specialising in the renovation of street trading vehicles. The effort put into creating added value is considerable, and despite the many and prolonged sacrifices over the years, the BBM brand is now a leader in the sector.


Technology, innovation, experience, safety, reliability: BBM is
all this, a constant commitment to finding the best solutions
to facilitate the business of street vendors.
The use of cutting-edge technologies together with the workers experience and
professionalism has as sole objective
customer satisfaction.

A vital element for the company is the careful dedication to
design using the most modern CAD and calculation systems; an
essential starting point for the creation of a top-quality product
with work ergonomics features.


Research and Development has always been the core of BBM, where engineers and technicians design and test increasingly advanced solutions and new materials to ensure maximum practicality, safety, resistance and design of food trucks.
Their creativity, professionalism and experience, together with the great skills and competence of the production staff, allow BBM to foresee the new trends and needs of the market. Particular attention is paid to aesthetic customisation such as decorations and design: the construction project is designed with a “graphical” appearance of the food truck that virtually anticipates the final result.

In recent years innovative solutions have been created, such as the "Banco fuori tutto" a cab chassis with the same display length as an integral vehicle, and the last born "KUBOX", a cabin vehicle with the possibility of bringing your store in contact with your final customer. See these applications in special vehicles.


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